Random info



Casio Fatso was founded in early 2012 with the intention of conquering the world


Casio Fatso play Modnine Rock


Modnine rock is short for modern nineties rock. It's rock music, influenced by the alt rock bands of the nineties such as Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana and Pixies. Nineties rock but with a modern twist.


Casio Fatso is a very energetic band and their songs are characterized by distorted electric guitars, contrasting song dynamics and apathetic and/or angst-filled lyrics.


The name Casio Fatso was inspired BY a graffiti on some random wall somewhere. Apperantly there is a graffer who uses the "Casio" tag and another one who uses the "Fatso" tag. The tags were close to each other on that particular wall and somehow it looked cool. That's it.


Casio Fatso resides in the capital of Iceland and can regularly be found at their practice palace called Casioland.


For more info about casio fatso go to our facebook hangout. we post stuff regularly and if you want to stay in tune with the casiotrain..................choo choo yourself over there and like us goshdarnit!!!!!


SIR sings and plays guitar. He writes the songs and

brings them to the band.

The band then toys around

with the songs until

they fit the CF sound. He is the driven one.

Helgi plays the drums.

He made a real impact on the band when he joined in 2014. He brings alot of good insight into the shaping of the songs and gives them the thump they sometimes need. He is the accurate one.

├×orvaldur plays guitar and sprinkles fairy dust over each song. He gives them that magic touch that glues each part together. Often times he can be found on the floor operationg his guitar pedals with surgical precision. He is the gadget guru.

Atli plays bass and punks things up to another level. He really changed the dynamic when he joined the band in 2016. He makes CF play better and brings balls to the songs. He is the funny one.