Controlling the world from my bed (2015)

This is our debut album and it was recorded in Casioland 2014-2015 by Þorvaldur Örn Valdimarsson. The album was mixed and mastered at Studio MöM 2015 by Magnús Örn Magnússon. It was produced by SIR with helpful insights from Magnús.

All songs written by SIR but sculpted by Casio Fatso

These songs were written largely in 2014 but some of them as early as 2011. Wheenbear would be the oldest song on the album and Tokyo in Twins the youngest.


The songs are mostly very personal and deal with your usual themes of love, sadness  and death. Sometimes all of the above.

Echoes of the nineties (2017)

Our second album deals a lot with nostalgia, love and death. We sing about better times, simpler times and hope we can somehow restore and revive the music industry that is currently filled with emotionless rap/hiphop wannabes.


The album was recorded, mixed and mastered feb-june 2017 at Hljóðverk by the ever cool Einar Vilberg. The songs were written 2015-2016 by SIR and sculpted by the band at their rehearsal castle Casioland.



Echoes of the nineties

This song is about trends and fads in music. On how Casio Fatso will wait this boring hiphop and rap scene out because as with everything else it will end. Everything comes and goes in waves and it's about time rock made a comeback.
Anyway...we are sick and tired of this brainless, heartless, multimanufactured so called "music" that is popular today. We want real music back. Played with instruments.
We aren't going away. We are the echoes of the nineties and we will wait it out.



This song is about war and how we fear dictators like Putin. We fear the giant in the east has woken up and is about to start war where nobody wins.

Red Hills

Is about Beta, love and the loss of her father.

He-man and Thundercats RULE!

This song is about simpler times when we were young and growin up. It's about the eighties, toys and good times.
Nostalgic song. We would trade everything to get back there.



Where good guys go to die

This song is about breaking up. How relationship is never perfect. How sometimes you get stuck somewhere and being afraid of breaking lose

Between the city and stars

This song is about settling for mediocrity. I live in a house on a hill and on one side we have a beautiful view up into the sky and on the other side we see the city.
The city representing being stuck and settling for being a nobody. The sky and stars having no limit and representing following your dreams.
Although I can see a million mile into the sky I'm stuck here, between the city and stars.


Too many Wednesdays

This song is about heartache.

Blisters and Japan

These songs are about shallow stuff

Remember the Red hills

This song is about being on the wrong end of cheating

Tokyo in Twins

This song is about........yep you guessed it........tits. That's why it's called T...okyo (tits). Very deep, I know.


This song is about being miserable. About wanting to break up, about being out of love. This song is a sister song of Bernaise. Those songs belong together.


This song is about being in love. It's about happiness.

To Jobs

This song is about Steve Jobs and how he is the most important person in our lifetime. He changed our lifes to the better. He changed music (mp3 players etc). He brought the entire world into our pockets (iphones). Yes he was a fucking jerk and a son of a bitch to his daughter but sometimes the world needs arrogant people like that to change things. I love Steve Jobs. I admire him and think about him often.


This song is about my son. Its about playing football, listening to mucis and talking about superheroes. It's also about telling my kid to be a good person. Life's gonna be tought but stand tall, chest out and smile.

Last Forever

This song is about my father. It's about how life will be sad when he dies. It's about enjoying the moments while he is still around. It was inspired by the death of my father in law.

Of sein

This is the only song in Icelandic. It's about snow, cold rust and someone dead in a ditch.




Controlling the world from my bed

This song  is also about my dad and how life will be when he dies. Needless to say I love that guy to the moon and back and when I think about that he will someday die I get sad. Just like "Last Forever" this song was inspired by the death of my father in law and watching my wife go through unimaginable pain. 

Slip into the night unnoticed

This song is about the death of my grandmother and how we must chase the moment and do what we dream of doing. Do not let life slip away.


This song is one of the first songs I actually finished. Wrote it and actually finished it like a real song. The name of the song came about when my kid heard a demo of the song without lyrics. He said that it sounded like the guitar was saying ,,Vínber" which translates to "Grapes". I though that was kinda cool and decided to name the song Wheenbear which sounds like a pronunciaton of ,;Vínber".


This song is about shallow stuff


This song is about my son Sebastian and how I hope life will be good to him. I hope he gets so lucky to have a son as well to feel the love and happiness he has brought me.